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As a father, and like many parents in this digital age, the amount of photos and video of my children that I am capturing is simply overwhelming and piling up in my phone. I often think, what will ever happen to all of this content? So much is being recorded, but very little of it is being told with it. Some utilize scrapbooking to tell their stories, but it is absent of video. There are automated apps that can create slide shows and movies, but they seem so random and robotic, absent of true human storytelling. My quest was to find a solution for better home movies. 

I decided to take the time to pull the best moments that really defined my children. I needed a way to tie all of that content together, so I did what I do quite often with my documentary productions, I set up an interview with them to narrate through the content. As I interviewed them, I realized what I was missing in all of those images that we don’t capture, thoughts. And just like that, Movikit was born. 

Movikit will guide creators (with smartphones) to tell their own stories, or you can do it as a family project. Allow them to tell their story every year, or over a period of years. Or, simply tell a story about this year's vacation. Document a grandparent's life. Through a fun step by step guide, key production tools and video tutorials, we hope to educate on the fundamentals of production, and inspire to create richer, personal, home entertainment. Now, let's get your movie rolling!

Bob Steranko

Media Producer, Movikit Creator      


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Get ready to roll! We've put the final touches on our kit, guide and videos. Take advantage of this time to create personal home entertainment with your family when there isn't a lot of new entertainment. 


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